REBOXX foam inserts are die-cut to fit manufacturers’ boxes or REBOXX boxes. The centers of the inserts are perforated, allowing you to custom fit the foam to your models. You can get a perfectly snug fit for all your brass models. Please remember that for safe, damage-free, long-term storage, it is absolutely necessary to wrap all your painted models in 1 to 1.5 mil polyethylene or polypropylene.

REBOXX foam inserts & foam pads are made from long-lasting, inert gray foam. Each steam insert has 2 die-cut plugs: one for the locomotive and one for the tender, that pull out and accommodate the smallest model for a given box length. In addition, there are partially pre-cut 1/4″ cubes that can be torn out to match the model profile both in height and length up to the maximum capacity of the box length. Several of the boxes have inserts that are all 1/4″ cubes to accommodate just about any shape of locomotive/tender or diesel combination.

Each replacement foam set consists of

  • bullet a center insert
  • bullet top & bottom pads
  • bullet polyethylene model wrapper(s)
  • All come with personalized yard signs

All three replica pieces of foam are made of long-lasting gray or yellow foam, die-cut to fit original manufacturers’ boxes. We offer an extensive variety of sets and styles are are continually adding more.

Many of our foam sets can be easily modified to fit other boxes. Please feel free to contact us via phone, fax or e-mail for advice on which foam set would be most appropriate for certain items in your collection.