Wheel sets

Single or double insulated HO blackened brass wheel sets to retrofit almost any freight or passenger car truck. 33″ & 36″ diameter, narrow (0.088″) wheel width, but run fine on NMRA standard track, available in multiple axle lengths. Perfect appearance, perfect rolling qualities, perfect coupler centering and perfect cleanliness.
Weights – Tank car, gondola, ore car & hopper weights – HO scale.

Boxes – REBOXX boxes for HO, HOn3, O, On3, and Sn3 scales are designed to protect your valuable collections.

Foam Inserts – Custom adjustable foam inserts assure padded protection for your models

Tools – EXXACT Socket – tool which forms 60 degree conical side frame journal to the NMRA standard – HO scale.


  • bullet Replacement Tenshodo Passenger Car Diaphragms
  • bullet Polyethylene model wrappers
  • bullet Blank box labels

Roll Tester

For testing truck rolling performance. Two foot long vacuum molded ramp for 2 parallel tracks (comes without track; you put your own track on it). The ramp is in the shape of an arc; the ends are 3 inches high and the middle is 1 inch high.